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1-1 Lipreading Lessons Online

Private Lipreading Lessons & Courses, Tutoring Service, London, UK
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Learning to lipread takes dedication. It is much easier to be dedicated when you don't need to travel to the classroom. Private lipreading lessons online remove the travel element. Learn to lipread from your own home, with a qualified, ATLA registered professional lipreading tutor.
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Learn to lipread online, from the comfort of your own home! These lessons are specifically designed for YOU as an individual student, rather than an entire classroom. Progress is rapid with 1-1 lipreading lessons, enjoying focussed attention on your particular needs. Conducted over Zoom, these pr...

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Hearing aids are amazing, in many cases. However, many people report that they are not so useful in a crowded room, or with lots of background noise. This is when lipreading becomes really useful. You may pick up something you might otherwise have missed. The best way to learn is 1-1. A fully qua...

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Learn the valuable skill of lipreading from the comfort of your own home! Lipreading lessons delivered via Zoom, online, at your leisure. Fully qualified and experienced tutor awaiting your instructions. Lessons progress at your own pace.
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Learn lipreading online! It's easy!
Well, the access (via Zoom) is easy. Learning lipreading is a commitment. It does involve a bit of discipline and application. However, the payoff is well worth it. You will develop the ability to catch words you may have missed, to glean meaning where there wa...

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COVID-19 is no obstacle to learning lipreading online.
However, facemasks have been the bane of our lives for quite a while now. Being deprived of lip shapes, expression and nuance denies so much information. It's time to either refresh our knowledge of visible lip patterns, or start to learn the...

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In our lip reading lessons, we primarily focus on visible lip shapes. These are patterns on the lips which we can see with relative ease. However, some lip patterns are very difficult to see (unfortunately!)
With a little bit of application and expert 1-1 training, you can learn to spot cues that...

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The main barrier to learning lipreading is motivation! It seems that recognising your own deteriorating hearing is a very good motivator!
But, why leave it until that stage? Forewarned is forearmed. Start your private, 1-1 lipreading lessons now, and pre-empt all that frustration. Get in touch to...

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"Beg your pardon?"
How many times can you get away with saying this?
Learning how to lipread enables you to pick up words you might have missed. Not always, but sometimes. That can be enough to make the difference between comprehension and avoidable misunderstandings. Learning 1-1 is the quickest...

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a month ago
I looked many times for a lipreading tutor over the past year and was unable to find one in the US but was lucky enough in one of my searches to find Daryl Joyce in the UK and have been working remotely with him for several months. He is experienced, knowledgeable, professional and also able to bring some fun to the lesson material. Lipreading isn't easy but Daryl breaks it down in ways that allow me to be successful with each lesson and to see myself advancing. After a few months I am moving up into intermediate material and have a new sense of hope that I can actually cultivate this skill. I would highly recommend Daryl for private lipreading lessons!
- Julie H
a year ago
My lipreading tutor was excellent - he always planned ahead for the sessions and tailored it for my interests and needs. As I was also learning lipreading at an advanced level and hope to teach this skill myself in the future, he was very helpful in demonstrating good teaching techniques. He has a really good sense of humour and is patient and kind in every lesson, there's no need to feel embarrassed at all if you make a mistake. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning lipreading with him and look forward to booking more lessons in the future.
- Clare L
a year ago
Brilliant. This site was actually recommended to me by another lip reading teacher! Can’t think of a better way to learn to lip read than this. One to one. One He starts you off gently. teaches you the basics, you’re off and you’ve barely noticed it... Lessons are actually tailored to you. You never feel pressured - it’s fun and (thank goodness) you learn at your own speed. If you get a word wrong he explains how and why it’s easy to make the mistake before carrying on .. He’s patient and got a sense of humour. He slowly increases the difficulty as the lessons go on but by then you’re more confident and the challenge is fun. I love these lessons and he’s an excellent teacher."
- Phillipa H

1-1 Online Lipreading Lessons & Classes

Now you can learn lipreading online privately with a fully qualified lipreading teacher over the Internet on a one-to-one basis (private tuition). No pre-recorded videos, no YouTube clips (& ads!), no physical classes to attend & all levels welcome. Learn to lip read 1 to 1 (lipreading group classes are currently on hold due to COVID-19). After an initial assessment, we can agree the best way to progress with your lipreading lessons. Lessons are conducted by a professional adult education tutor, registered and qualified by City Lit and accredited with ATLA, the UK's national lipreading teacher's society.
Whether you class yourself as a beginner, intermediate or advanced lip reader there will always be new tips and tricks you can learn to manage your hearing loss effectively. Online classes include aspects of dealing with hearing loss, and the issues that can entail. 

Lipreading classes are delivered either by Zoom, or Google Meets. Depending on your level of hearing loss, we can adjust the technology accordingly (possibly including captioning, depending on the format of the lessons). Classes vary from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced. Lessons can be tailored specifically for the individual. Contact us on:

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