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Private Lipreading Lessons Online UK & USA

Private Online Lipreading Lessons, Classes & Courses. Tutoring Service based in London, UK
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"Pardon?", "I didn't quite catch that…?", "Could you say that again…?"
How many times in one day do you say this, or something like it?
Lipreading is not an absolute solution. It is a tool in the armoury of people with hearing loss. Sometimes, just catching a word or two makes all the difference ...

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Private lipreading lessons mean that you will progress at a much faster rate than if you were attending group classes.
It's a fact. Having a 1-1 tutor at your disposal means that we can focus upon what is important to YOU. We can design specific exercises to practice particular aspects of lipread...

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Learning to lipreading is an endeavour, and an adventure. At first, it can all feel a little daunting, how on earth I am I supposed to remember all these lip shapes?
But we always start off easy. Nice, visible lip shapes. It keeps the confidence up. Practising non-visible lip shapes comes later, ...

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Of the many important factors you need to consider when lipreading, context is probably at the top. There are practical considerations, of course, but having an idea of the conversation context gives you a huge advantage. It's not just about paying attention to lip shapes and patterns, it's devel...

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'Forewarned is forearmed' applies when you are learning lipreading. Many students seek to acquire this skill BEFORE their hearing deteriorates to a certain level. This makes perfect sense. Don't wait for an audiologist to confirm your hearing loss. If you're struggling, get tooled up now. Start y...

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Learning to lipread is a very positive thing to do if you have hearing loss. It means you are doing your best to take control of the situation. It means that you are unwilling to succumb. It means that you are making the best of your situation, unbowed and unprepared to submit to missed conversa...

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What about your accent? Having lipreading students based in the UK AND the USA, I get asked this a lot. Of course, there is variation to contend with but generally the "lip shapes" (the shapes that the lips make when producing certain sounds) are more-or-less the same (we are all speaking English...

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Hearing aids are a positive boon, but they are not always so great when you are in a crowded room or a noisy environment. The technology isn't quite good enough to completely eliminate all the sounds around that which you wish to hear. They are just not selective enough.
That's where lipreading c...

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Learn the valuable skill of lipreading from the comfort of your own home! Lipreading lessons delivered via Zoom, online, at your leisure. Fully qualified and experienced tutor awaiting your instructions. Lessons progress at your own pace.
Get in touch to find out more.


4 months ago
I looked many times for a lipreading tutor over the past year and was unable to find one in the US but was lucky enough in one of my searches to find Daryl Joyce in the UK and have been working remotely with him for several months. He is experienced, knowledgeable, professional and also able to bring some fun to the lesson material. Lipreading isn't easy but Daryl breaks it down in ways that allow me to be successful with each lesson and to see myself advancing. After a few months I am moving up into intermediate material and have a new sense of hope that I can actually cultivate this skill. I would highly recommend Daryl for private lipreading lessons!
- Julie H
a year ago
My lipreading tutor was excellent - he always planned ahead for the sessions and tailored it for my interests and needs. As I was also learning lipreading at an advanced level and hope to teach this skill myself in the future, he was very helpful in demonstrating good teaching techniques. He has a really good sense of humour and is patient and kind in every lesson, there's no need to feel embarrassed at all if you make a mistake. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning lipreading with him and look forward to booking more lessons in the future.
- Clare L
a year ago
Brilliant. This site was actually recommended to me by another lip reading teacher! Can’t think of a better way to learn to lip read than this. One to one. One He starts you off gently. teaches you the basics, you’re off and you’ve barely noticed it... Lessons are actually tailored to you. You never feel pressured - it’s fun and (thank goodness) you learn at your own speed. If you get a word wrong he explains how and why it’s easy to make the mistake before carrying on .. He’s patient and got a sense of humour. He slowly increases the difficulty as the lessons go on but by then you’re more confident and the challenge is fun. I love these lessons and he’s an excellent teacher."
- Phillipa H

1-1 Online Lipreading Lessons & Classes

Now you can learn lipreading online privately with a fully qualified lipreading teacher over the Internet on a one-to-one basis (private tuition). Lipreading lessons are offered to UK residents and our friends in the USA (depending on timezone!) 
No pre-recorded videos, no YouTube clips (& ads!), no physical classes to attend & all levels welcome. Learn to lip read 1 to 1, it's the best way. After an initial assessment, we can agree the best way to progress with your lipreading lessons. These private classes are conducted by a UK professional adult education tutor, registered and qualified by City Lit and accredited with ATLA, the UK's national lipreading teacher's society.
Whether you class yourself as a beginner, intermediate or advanced lip reader there will always be new tips and tricks you can apply. Online classes include aspects of dealing with hearing loss, and the issues that can entail. 

Lipreading classes are delivered online via Zoom. Depending on your level of hearing loss, we can adjust the technology accordingly (possibly including captioning, depending on the format of the lessons). Lessons can be tailored specifically for the individual. 
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